Embrace It

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Hello everyone!
I hope all of you are safe and doing well.
Yes, the situation is still grim everywhere. But we have to hold on and let the positivity and strength embrace us. After all, optimism is the best way out of dire circumstances. So, this time I bring out a poem on the same subject. Here in India it is the monsoon season going on. And the first monsoon showers are a joyful event for everyone. In this poem I describe my experience of getting wet in the first of the monsoon showers, and how this experience gave me the idea to write this poem as well as the impetus for a fresh, positive attitude.
So, without more delay, here it goes:

Title – Embrace

With each drop I forget my sorrow
With each breath of the wind
Tears get spent and dry
Now it’s the pure bliss of the rain
Running down my face
It soothes the wounds of the heart
The thunder drives the noise of
Those chaotic thoughts out
The chasm of anger is bridged
With the waters of love
That gleefully swirl around.
Fallen leaves and broken twigs
Are happy companions that
Also get happily drenched
The first showers of monsoon
Are indeed a joyous occurrence
The taste of a few first drops on the lips,
A carefree toss of a wet strand of hair
The feel of the water flowing down
Drive all the unpleasant feelings away
Gone is the negativity
Away goes all the stress
The heart only gives a call
For happiness to come and embrace.

This is it. Hope you liked and enjoyed the poem. And for fellow Indians, I am sure it was relatable.
Let me know what you think of it all in the comments.
See you next time.
Bye, and have a nice weekend ahead!

The Last Train to Earth


Hi guys! Hope you are safe and sound.
With the question of how the future is going to be post Covid19 on everyone’s minds, I too continue to write about the future. Here’s another short-story that I hope keeps you entertained as you strive to stay home. Read on to find out how it feels to ride the last train to the earth from another planet!

Being a journalist is tough, but sometimes it is fun too. Like right now. I was selected to visit the Earth. Excitement was bubbling within me. I would touch the Earth’s soil after so many years! I must have been very young when all this happened, considering that I don’t even remember how life on earth had been like. Just like children listen to ancient stories of kings and treasure hunts, we listened to stories about the glories of the Earth. So, naturally, a chance to visit that ancient world again was bound to make me enthusiastic.

 My job wasn’t very easy though. I had to make a good report based on some pictures taken on the Earth and a few interviews of the passengers travelling in the last train to Earth. With me I had my camera man, who was a trainee reporter. This was a big project, because this train was going to be the last that would visit the Earth, and my employer, the editor of the magazine I worked for, kept me on my toes about the whole thing. The train would leave in half an hour. I climbed into it with my notebook and my camera guy, found my seat, relaxed and closed my eyes. My work would start only after reaching the Earth. There was enough time to muse. I became a child again, trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the present with little pieces of information about the past.

It has been three thousand Martian years ago, I guess, when science on the Earth had quite matched that of our present times. It had been proved that there existed no aliens on Mars. Technology was thriving, but soon Earth became unsuitable for survival. The former inhabitants, our ancestors had polluted the planet to such an extent that it became deprived of almost all its life sustaining properties. Oxygen was very limited, it became way too hot, all the ice melted, an inch of soil was not spared from debris, corruption ruled, terrorism terrified, women were being raped every hour and many such horrible things had happened. My grandma told me that people were so terrified that some even had killed themselves to escape the misery.

They say that necessity is the mother of inventions, and so was it perhaps at that time too, for our ancestral scientists found a way of surviving on Mars, the nearest habitable option. They started building infrastructure on Mars and gradually planned out everything – how humans would breathe there, fight the lack of proper gravity, and issues of water supply, healthcare, waste disposal etc, etc. English was accepted as the official Martian language. Well, they figured everything out and space travel was arranged for everyone. Most shifted, but some were left behind. These were the people who could not afford the travel, or who preferred to suffer in their homes than shift to an alien land. Fools – or maybe not. So, these people stayed on Earth and continued to suffer, until some years later some scientists from our Martian civilization decided to check on what had happened on Earth. When they landed, they found that a handful of those people left behind had managed to survive and were living like the savages. A mission was then arranged to help these people, who still refused to come to Mars, by then become a planet brimming with life. They were sent equipments to battle the almost spent out oxygen; they were given food and other necessary gear.

Gradually earth was filling with life again. And Mars was parallely developing too, with more advanced science and people who could live upto five hundred years. There existed a friendly relationship between the two planets. Trains were developed to carry passengers to and fro. All was going well but gradually problems crept in. Some Martians, as our people are called, started looking down on the Earthlings. They were considered uncivilized, savage and seen to be lacking proper culture too. So Martians thought it was their mission to civilize them. In the process, they imposed their lifestyles and cultures on the Earthlings and wanted them to obey. Those who didn’t know were also forcibly made to learn English. At first they did obey, but recently they felt that it was being too much. They were being made to give up their basic rights by the Martians. There were protests, battles, and a lot of unpleasantness. And just two Martian days ago, Earth had been declared an independent planet. All Martians had been asked or forced to leave the place, and the people on Earth were happily celebrating. The train service between the planets was going to be suspended soon and this was thus the last train that would take people to earth and after three hours there, come back to Mars, never to run again.

My job was to find out why people were boarding this train, what work they had on Earth, or their purpose in the journey. I had decided to pick random people, take two or three interviews, click the pictures of the Earth from the last train and then have a pleasant ride back, with lots of memories. But I didn’t realize that I would be proved wrong.


A Martian day later when I handed the final report to my employer, it was with a heavy heart. The history I had mused on inside the train, in reality, hadn’t been so straight. I had forgotten that life is not linear at all, a fact that hit me when I started taking the interviews.

Even though many people rejoiced on Earth for their victory, many also cried for they had to be separated from the people they loved on Mars. And even if Martians had left the Earth, they had already spread their culture there, which was intriguing to the Earthlings. They actually found it convenient and couldn’t shake it off. Confusion and chaos bubbled everywhere.

The first person I interviewed was a man from Mars who was visiting his mother on Earth. His mother had settled on Earth for a long time and now had fallen sick. She couldn’t come with her son back to Mars because she was unfit for travel. Her teary eyed son told me that if her disease would not kill her, then surely the Earthlings would when they discover her identity. He was going to have a last glimpse of her and spend the few hours tending to her.

The second person interviewed was also a Martian, a landscape gardener who lamented that she would have to look for a new job now. There was all concrete on Mars. The profession she was in was created when Martians on Earth had been fascinated by Earth’s natural beauty and had wanted to bring it to their homes. But now there was no need of people like her. She was visiting the Earth to take in all its beauty for one last time.

And the third person who talked to me was an Earthling. He was vehemently crying because he had to leave his Martian girlfriend forever now, and forget all about her and their love. The girl too would have to painfully do so. And these were just three among the hundreds of people travelling on the train. Thinking about all the sad tales, the crushing emotions just made me giddy. I was honestly scared. What had the world reduced to? What would I write in my report?
A desultory, cold-blooded thing it turned out to be, reporting half truths; because reality was unpalatable and frightening.

Some Martians had settled on Earth and started families. Similarly, some Earthlings had families in Mars. All the relations were shattered now. Politics and egos were to blame. The war too had added to people’s miseries. Mothers became separated from their children and lovers had to be separated from each other, never to be reunited again. There would be no next train; nobody knew until when. Worlds, like nations, would create and destroy themselves.


Hope you liked this.
See you next time with a new idea!
Keep reading and stay indoors safe.

Future Communication

Hi guys! Welcome back and hope you all are safe. This week I bring you a short story about the future. Read and enjoy.

The letter of letter writing has been rendered practically useless these days. With all the Social messaging apps and emails, the ancient harbingers of news have become almost extinct. And this particular fact resulted in my immense surprise when I received a letter today morning. Intrigued, after finishing breakfast I immediately went through this interesting piece of paper.

On the outside it looked like any ordinary letter, but the contents inside revealed anything but ordinariness. It was a letter from the future, a long one, something my future self from 2030 had sent me. First of all I thought someone had played a practical joke, copied my handwriting had had decided that it was a hilariously bright idea to send me a letter posing as if I had sent it to myself from the future. But today wasn’t the first of April; in fact the first of April was still two days away. Joke or not, I moved on from the letter head to reading the contents. And the more and more I read, the more I was convinced that this was no joke.

The first paragraph revealed that in a decade more, the technology for time-travel and communication had been discovered. And not only that, objects could also be sent across the time periods. So, my future-self when she had amassed enough money from her savings to be able to make use of this technology, which was a very expensive service provided only by a handful of service providers, she had unfortunately fallen sick and therefore was sending me a letter instead. The future me had also boasted that she was among the firsts to do so. Along with the greetings and usual pleasantries, the letter is so full of information that it makes it one of the most prized possessions among all that I have possessed till date.

The next paragraphs talked about what the government and the society of the future is like. The letter said that this was all written in an attempt to satisfy my curiosity which is bound to be arisen naturally. And it was surprising to read that almost nothing had changed. Political parties casting slurs on other political parties, corruption, disfiguration of personalities and all the rest of it was still there. Inflation was growing, the environment was continuing to degrade even more and nothing much had changed as such. And if anything had changed in the society it was the change technological advancement had brought. The letter didn’t describe what they were though. It said all that would take up all the time and space and it would suffice for me to know that the social divide due to those new gadgets and facilities had increased.

The next paragraphs revealed the purpose of the letter. My future self wanted to make me future-ready, and so had taken the pains to write to me. It said that there wasn’t anything to change about me or my life; my future self told me I was doing fine, and my future would be fine too. But if I needed to take care of anything it was myself: I needed to focus on my health, eat proper meals without being overwhelmed by my hectic lifestyle and tight schedules, exercise a bit and sleep well. That was all. And most importantly, the letter said I had to stop worrying about my future. My future self was prone to falling continuously sick because of this present habit of mine. She told me, or rather, my mature self told me that things would be fine and smooth if I stopped thinking about what is to happen so much.

And if possible, I should try to be more kind and generous, inculcate in me the values of humanity a little bit more, for those values were becoming non-existent in the future. And I should also care for my environment a bit more, even if at an individual level. Life would be perfect if we could all be more humans than animals and machines, the words hinted.

Concluding, the letter asked me to strictly live in the present, cherish and enjoy it, because even though time travel was possible in the future, the charm of the memories could be enjoyed properly only once. With this, the letter gave me a good life lesson. And I woke up from my long dream. It was 6:00 A.M. Let me wake up and start the day. I did not have a letter to prize, but the dream, still so fresh and vivid, would certainly be a prized memory. I’ll bear this lesson in mind during all my future action and communication.

That’s that. Hope you liked it.
See you next time! Stay safe.

The Virus Has Infested Your Love

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Hi all! Now that the lockdown is being lifted off in phases in my country, and has been lifted off in many others, life is gradually limping back to normalcy. However, among all those unpleasant situations that the novel Coronavirus has brought, one particular situation uniquely stands out, irrespective of the place you belong to, but it has managed to remain elusive thus far. I’m talking about RELATIONSHIP ISSUES here.

After about a month of lockdown, I have been hearing complaints of relationship-related trauma, which continue to arrive till today. While some are resolved easily, some people are still suffering from it. And this problem, though it may not look serious to most, is actually grave. That is because while the economy may crawl towards a profitable one, a vaccine may be brought out eventually and people may get rid of the ‘fear-factor’ when stepping out of their houses, relationships, which are delicately formed and maintained, may never attain their normal states again, if not given importance and taken care of immediately. It is as they say – it takes years to form a strong bond, but only a moment to break it.

Now, the question what triggers these problems and how the situation has become so grave needs to be answered. Being forced to stay indoors for so long has caused relationship issues to rise, and it is a two-fold scenario. When on one hand people are being shut out from meeting their partners, on the other hand people who are staying shut with their partners are succumbing to problems that arise from misunderstandings, differences and, most importantly, stress.

For those out there who are suffering from the first type, they are familiar with complaints from their partners about lost interest, lost love, not caring enough, not caring for them as much as they do for their families and the like. Added to these is the problem that even if there are arguments or misunderstandings created due to some other issue, they cannot be easily hugged out and resolved, like it used to be. Not being able to meet frequently or spending some quality time has only aggravated the situation.

And for those suffering from the second type of problem, the situation is graver. Living for a long time with someone in any case can brings quarrels, it doesn’t matter if that’s huge or an inane one. Take for example any common family where members do not occasionally get along with each other. Thus, a scenario where a person is forced to stay in with another for such a long time, and that too with stress, tension, little communication and commutation outside, is a scenario which invites unpleasantness. It is just natural.

Well, so far goes the analysis of the problems. This is not to say that everyone is suffering from them, but quite a few are. And although the sales of condoms have been seen to rise during this period, and dating apps have seen increased user bases, indicating that love has been flourishing indeed, many unfortunate ones are battling out relationship-related stress.

Then comes the question of how to resolve them. And resolution actually comes easy, lying in twp simple words – open communication. Now, communication is the best and the most crucial way to solve any relationship problem. It is a fact. If you, who are reading this, have been a victim of the relationship issue disease, no matter what form of it has caught you, ease yourself out, take all other stress and problems out of your brain and openly talk to your partner about things. Let them know about your problems, concerns and fears. If you are unable to do it alone, then involve other people like friends and family, and ask for help. Remember: there is no such problem that cannot be solved with a frank discussion. Do not ignore your love life, and take steps. Do not let the shutdown shut you down to inactivity. With the phased lifting of the lockdown, your problems should be lifted off too.

That’s all I wanted to share. Hope you found it useful. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.
See you soon with something new!
Till then, stay safe.

Under-productivity? Let’s Work it Out!


Hello everyone!
I hope all those reading this are well and doing fine.
Now, in the last couple of posts I have spoken enough about being positive and cheerful during this pandemic, but I hardly assessed the situation as to why we tend to become morose and depressed. I will do so in this post. And I hope this gives the solution to the problem too.
I’m sure the situations I speak about in this article (yes, its an article this time, because I felt it to be the best means to convey my message) are relatable to not only people of my country, but to anyone reading this. Okay, so here is what you need to know about your situation:-

Let Not Corona Make Us Unproductive

How many times it is so that every single human being has complained that he did not have enough time to do a certain thing? An equal number of times also has been heard the complaint that he could have achieved such and such deeds if he had enough time. There is yet another variation to this statement – that he would have achieved so much and could have become as successful or famous as a certain somebody else, well, only if they had enough time. Let us admit it, we all have been guilty of uttering these statements. But at every such instance we knew, at the back of our minds, most of the time, that we had enough time. We had just spent it doing this and that, lazing or procrastinating; a busy lifestyle or emergency was a rare chance that hindered our progress.

However, the present is a different situation. Amidst the lockdown when all are to stay at home with little work, we have plenty of time. For all those who complained lack of time for time for anything, now is the time to pursue all those. Whether it was to learn a musical instrument, start your own blog, bake a cake or just to spend more time with grandparents, it all can be done now. But are we doing it all? If it is a yes, it is a desultory yes, and if it is a no, it is a guilty one. Therefore, the question is why not?

There are two answers to this: the first is that we are letting the laziness get the better of us once again. And the second, which is the more accurate one, is that we are looking at the half-empty space of the glass, ignoring the optimistic aspect. What this means is that we are letting distress get to us. With all the depressing news from around the world like people dying, economy slumping and food shortages, depression is difficult to avoid. Added to this is the fear of stepping out of the house and staying cooped up at one place without being able to do much about anything. But all of this is the half-empty vista, and it is true that this vista makes it difficult for us to look at the positive side of things, but if we are to survive the crisis, staying positive is a must.

Worrying or being depressed isn’t going to achieve anyone anything, and neither is it going to ease the pandemic. So why not instead take the lockdown, as long as it lasts, as a big break and utilize the time? Keep aside the worry and fear. They are natural, but we have only one life, and each day if we spend it succumbing to these emotions, and doing nothing about our wishes and ambitions, we are also wasting our lives along with the wasted time.

With the boon of internet and technology, we can still be in touch with our near and dear ones digitally, we have access to numerous entertainment sources and also access to several learning platforms. So lets not think about what all we cannot do. Lets avail this time and all our resources, do the things we’ve always wanted to do, stay home, stay safe and survive the virus-infected times.

Yeah, well, that’s all I had to say. Hope you find this helpful.
Let me know  your views/suggestions and ideas in the comments below.
Have a nice week ahead!

A Little Nostalgia to Dispel the Gloom


Hello everyone!
Now that schools and institutions are suspended because of what-must-not-be-named, I came up with an Open Letter on school. It is one of the best and happiest time in life. So what can be better but to remember it and rejoice and stay positive in this crisis? I will now not reveal any more details about the letter, otherwise the thrill might be lost, but I’ll make a request. For those reading this who have already finished school, this letter, I’m sure. will serve as a nostalgic potion. And for those who haven’t and still continue school education, you’ll undergo a bitter-sweet thrill. So guys, enjoy and let me know in the comments how you liked reading this. Here it goes:

Dear That Day,
I didn’t know, not then, that you were going to be one of the best days in everyone’s life. But one of the worst too. Yeah, I know you must have heard this many times before, nonetheless, I write this letter to share our feelings with you.
We for the first time in our lives enjoyed our lessons. We sat pin drop silence and listened to each word that was said. The teachers we had hated, made fun of and had mimicked, seemed to us the best people we had got to guide us. For the first time, once more, we heartily felt a lot of respect for them. The day was nothing special. I mean, at least we never knew what the special thing was. But certainly, everything was so different, though the lessons, the people and the building were still the same.
We talked to each other, we ate our food, shared things, made fun of each other and did a lot more. It was all the usual stuff. But, perhaps again for the first time, we didn’t want the bell for the last period to ring. We threw water on each other, exchanged numbers, signed yearbooks and promised to never forget one another. And we actually never forgot each other, but all the same never actually remembered each other either.
Though we were all happy, because after this we would never have to be confined in that building ever again, we were sad too. It was a curious phenomenon, when too much happiness and too much sorrow hung in perfect balance, along with a huge chunk of anxiety for the unknown future. Thus, you became the best day and the worst day, like I said. The last day at school, however you were, you shall always be one of the most memorable days for everyone. And for this, you deserve a hearty “thank you”.
Yours loving,
All the people who miss their school days
(written by one of them).
Well, that’s that.
See you next week.
Keep reading and stay home safe!

A Little Positivity Doesn’t Hurt


Hello people! I’ll hope that the ones reading this are safe, sound and spending time with their loved ones.
I’m updating after a month, but I’m glad to see that you have all been there with me. Thank you for that.
This is a treacherous time. The news and statistics are very depressing. It is a world war against the virus. So, let us stay together and break the wicked virus’ chain. Let us stay home and hope that the crisis will soon pass. Let us stay positive! I’m sure you can do it, and also encourage others to do it.
To encourage this, this week I write here a short, funny script. Unfortunately, I cant upload the film here. So read, and imagine the scenes alongside and well, have a laugh n enjoy. To make it more interesting, you can even imagine putting the people you know in place of the characters. Sounds good? Read on!


LOGLINE – A little girl plans to teach her uncle a lesson for being rude to her.



(Sits opposite to a WOMAN, his girlfriend, staring at her. Both smile at each other, lost in each other’s eyes.)

(Comes from inside the house with a drawing in her hand to the MAN) Uncle, look! I made this beautiful picture.

Go away. I cannot see it.

(Moves into the house with a sad face.)


ONE HOUR LATER flashes on the screen.



(Sits in the same position staring at his girlfriend. She too is in the same position, both smiling).

(Comes from inside the house with a notebook in her hand.) Uncle, please see if I have done my homework correctly.

Go away. I cannot see it.

(Irritated) Why? I will not go. First I show you my painting and you said you cannot see it. Now you say you cannot see my homework. Why cannot you see? Have you got marbles in your head in place of eyes? Are you blind?

(Also irritated) Yes. Yes, I am blind! I love my baby so much that I’m blind with her love. (Looks at the WOMAN, smiles coquettishly) Oh, it is true love. (Irritated again) You naughty girl, cant you see I’m trying to spend some nice, peaceful time with this aunty? How dare you ask me if I’m blind? Yes, I’m blind I tell you. Haven’t you heard that love is blind? I cannot see anything except her. Naughty girl! Now go away and do your work. No, you stay here and I will go. (Then he turns to the WOMAN and takes her hand) Come baby; let’s go somewhere else where unwanted people won’t disturb us. (They both walk away, leaving the LITTLE GIRL standing there.)



(Comes along the road, walking leisurely and happily whistling. He stops suddenly in front of his house. He is surprised to see a lot of people gathered there, some going and coming from his house, carrying his things away. The LITTLE GIRL is standing nearby, giving directions and asking people to carry different things. He goes near her, very surprised) What is going on?!

Uncle, you are come back. Oh, I am giving away your things.


(Comes up suddenly and puts a pair of black goggles on the MAN’s eyes, and pats him on the shoulder.) Sorry to hear about what happened brother. I don’t understand how it happened so suddenly, but trust God. Everything will be fine. I brought these pair of glasses for you. Take them as a gift from a friend. And I’m sure you won’t mind me taking away your T.V. Take care, brother. (He walks off).

(Even more surprised now) Hey – what?!…(He is unable to speak out of astonishment).

Uncle, a few hours ago you said you had gone blind in love for that aunty. You couldn’t see anything else. So I thought about all the things you have in your house. Now, instead of wasting them, I decided to earn well wishes for you by gifting your things in charity. You are now the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone is praising the blind man who is donating all his things.

(Still surprised and unable to speak) What?!

You see, I gave away your T.V. Now that you are blind, you have no use for it. Then your watch too. Time is now useless for you. Then I said that uncle to take away your party clothes. What use are fancy clothes to blind men? And there are now a few more things to give away. So, uncle I am very busy. I cannot stand here and chat with you now.  Take care, blind uncle! (She walks off to the crowd of people).


That’s that. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below.
Once again, I’ll say stay home, follow the safety measures and stay safe.
Will see you soon. Bye!

The Daughter


Hey guys, wish you a very happy Sunday!

This week, I thought of sharing this old write-up. This reflects the situation of many girls in India, who are expected to obey their parents and do not possess the freedom to choose their own partners. This also talks of how life changes after marriage. Written as a open letter, I’m sure this will be relatable to situations you have experienced or read.
Here it goes:

Dear Parents,

I’m glad that you didn’t kill me straightaway like many people do nowadays. You raised me and even educated me well. Now I’m married in a well-to-do family that you chose for me. Everything is going fine, but I still have a few complaints.

First of all, why didn’t you warn me that once I’m married, you were absolutely free to wash your hands off all my responsibilities? And I could no longer seek refuge on your shoulders when my husband and I quarreled about his habits of drinking. Then, what about telling me that one day I would be forced to terminate my career, something that you encouraged me to build from the time I was two? You said that it would look wrong if I married someone of my choice, whom I’d known for years; but you never told me that I’d have to endure sleeping with a stranger every night. And finally, why didn’t you tell me that I’d have to forget myself completely and only slave for others once I was married?

I don’t know if you have the answers with you. But in case you have the guts, publish your answers somewhere so that many in my situation would benefit.

Yours faithfully,
The Daughter.

That’s it! Hope you liked it.
See you next week 🙂

Who is a Poet?

Hello and welcome back! This week when I mused on what to write, the fact struck me that I was actually spending too much time thinking. I stayed unmindful for some minutes each day. This led me to think further about what becoming a poet actually is – who or what is a poet? And the answer is in this picture:


Now, Kamala Das is a famous Indian poet. She is especially associated with confessional poetry and her poems are known for their striking frankness and beautiful imageries. She in one of her interviews had implied that a poet can’t be a happy person. Only when a person is overwhelmed or disturbed by different emotions, he writes to express himself. And even if he isn’t sad as the meaning of the word goes, he certainly remains distraught and disturbed until he has properly expressed himself, making himself far from “happy”. There is also the fact that feelings of sorrow and melancholy actually induce a person to pour the tears on paper.
Readers, you are free to differ, but I’m sure many writers out there, like me, will be one with Kamala Das’ opinion.

This week this is all I have to share. Do give me your feedback on this and let me know what you think.
See you next Sunday!



Well, if anything is required at all in life it is balance. In each and every aspect, in each and every thing. After a long interval of no updates, no proper writing activity, which has made me stagnant and made me distressed, I have come to realize the fact that I lacked balance in my life, in maintaining a proper tandem between writing and work. So I come today to start afresh, sharing this idea with you all on balance.
Here it goes –

Title – Balance

If money be love,
And love money,
Where do the essences go?
Beauty the truth no more be
And truth be gagged with
Stashes stacked crisply.
If love speaks from its heart,
The world retorts;
Money’s whispering beckons all;
Run in the race, it says
And go all the rats astray.
Where would the sad heart go
Where hide its poor face,
Hide the poor soul
That did but love truly?
Nowhere? it sadly asks;
No, squeak they,
There is no place for penury.
The story ends sorrowful,
As the beautiful truth lies naked,
Shamed in the open,
Now become a secret
That the richest is he who
Has the richest heart
That does but love very well;
Balance! There, it ruefully screams.

I’m sure you can relate it to the contemporary context, irrespective of where you belong. And I hope you liked this poem. I’ll be sharing more works soon, updating every Sunday as promised. Let me know in the comments your opinions on this piece.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead!